April 18, 1997 @ 4:34pm.

At age 9, you entered the kitchen during dinner after a long day and inquired: “Uncle Arvin, what’s masturbation?” …we all burst out laughing and I told you it’s what you’ll be doing in 3 to 4 years; At age 3, you surprised us all by calling your wiener a “surprise” and commented on why certain male parts looked like brains; At age 4, you left the bathroom with a Maxim magazine tucked underneath your arm leaving us all confused until this day; At age 5 to 7, you became emotionally attached to those special pair of pants that ripped into shorts you just couldn’t part ways with even when they started to flood like capris; At age (Insert #, I forgot), you started to care about your appearance and took on a high maintenance faux hawk that took you an hour to style and perfect every morning before school; At age (Insert # here, I forgot again), you let yourself go and started to look like an Asian Ringo; At age 1, you were the most beautiful little baby boy I bathed in a bucket and gave tragic haircuts to…Etc.

Your goofy nature, trademark grin, and weird curiosity always brought a smile to my face with so many fond memories attached… You will always be my first nephew and one that taught me how seriously weird boys are. :p

Happy Sweet 16 Sean! Wishing you another wonderful year of awkward. Love you!

Aunty Terry


Dear Ethan

Dear Ethan,

I never told you the story of how I found out you were coming into the world. Your mum and dad invited me over for dinner at your Aunty Cam’s place. They ordered Chinese food that was delivered in a paper bag. I came over very hungry and asked if they wanted me to put all of the menu items on a plate. I opened the bag and found a tiny pillow inside and said:

“What the !$*#! is this?!” I was confused for about 10 seconds, my eyes then widened, I looked up at your parents and they both had dorky grins on their face.

Then I replied, “ WOW you finally found a pillow for your size! ” hahaha Ok that last line was made up. I hugged your mum and dad and was so incredibly happy to be meeting you in a few months! We all didn’t know if you were a boy or girl at the time but (after growing up with 4 crazy sisters) I really hoped you had a penis.

On the day you were born, your dad came out of the delivery room announcing to your Auntie Cam and I waiting outside “It’s a boy!!!” with the hint of tears welling up in his eyes.  When I saw your gummy smile for the first time, I fell in love with you like instant oatmeal… you made me go “Awww” and feel all mushy inside. You were a red wrinkly little baby that pooped, made crying noises when hungry, and smelled amazing! Your special scent couldn’t be found in any perfume bottle. When you got eczema, I thought “Cool” we have something in common. From there, every time you itched, I felt the urge to scratch.

Who knew, 7 years later, how you would grow up to be such an incredible little human being and the best big brother to Ethni. Your beautiful smile has the ability to bring sunshine to any cloudy day. You’re thoughtful, smart, generous, and such a sweet little boy, it’s almost like you came out coated with candy. :p

Growing up, I’ve seen your mom and dad go through and accomplish so much in life together but I know one of their biggest and most proudest accomplishments was having you. You are simply the best thing that can happen to anyone.

You are my favorite nephew (Shhhhh, don’t tell Sean I said that) and I am excited to see how much more awesome you get with each year. You make all of us proud every single day.

Aunty Terry wishes you the best 7th birthday ever!  I love you so much!

With, love, hugs & kisses,
Aunty Terry =)